*Please note that any dogs/puppies on this page are NOT bred by Doodle Dog Farms. As ethical breeders we have a strict contract to take back any of our puppies for any reason, at any time.

We decided to create a FuRever Re-home page to help find Doodles their FuRever homes. It breaks our heart to hear of Doodles needing to be recused or re-homed and we do not want to see them in shelters.

I am often contacted by Doodle owners looking for my help in re-homing their pets. I am non-judgmental and will help in any situation. I am not a recuse but when I get these calls I have to help, so I thought it would be better to create a page where current owners can come to get the help they need in re-homing with out judgment, and for others to come when they are looking to provide that loving FuRever home. A puppy isn’t for everyone so here is your opportunity to have your life time companion and help a dog in need.

If you are a doodle owner and find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for him/her and your breeder will not take the dog/puppy back, please reach out as we would like to help in finding their Furever home.

This is a non-profit re-homing program.

If you are looking for an older Doodle that is in need of a home please reach out to us.

Cost – We are non-profit; however, if a dog/puppy is in need of vaccinations, spay/neuter and grooming we will ask the cost of whatever is needed to ensure they are healthy and groomed. All puppies/dogs will be re-homed on a strict spay/neuter contract.

I will personally assess each dog/puppy that is in need of a home and post all their habits with full disclosure of the information I have been given and observations I make.

All dogs/puppies on this page are not affiliated with Doodle Dog Farms; therefore will not come with a DDF warranty or health guarantee.

Chester – 13 month old Goldendoodle –