For the love of dogs…

OUR Females


Charli is an F1 Goldendoodle with a sweet disposition and was easy to train. Charli will play fetch all day long. She loves to bring the ball back, no need to say “drop it” as she does this by routine. Charli thinks she is a lap dog and loves lots of affection. Charli has amazing traits to pass on to her future puppies.

  • Pennhip: right 0.36 left 0.40
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Elbow: Pending
  • OFA Eyes: right/left Normal
  • DNA Clear




Sky is our 2nd generation F1bb Goldendoodle. Her Mom is our newly retired F1b Goldendoodle Frankie. Sky is very affectionate with a clam personality and you can often find her snuggled up with her favourite humans. Sky has welcomed her first litter which you can see on our Nursery page.

  • OFA Hips: Excellent
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Elbow: Normal
  • OFA Eyes: Pending
  • DNA Clear



Future Momma’s

Maple F1b Bernedoodle 

Maple is currently our only Bernedoodle and we cannot wait to see the puppies she will produce. Her Guardian family lives in Kingston, and say she is the most loving, sweet girl they have ever had. She has a funny personality and always makes them laugh. 


Millie F1b Goldendoodle

Millie is our petite Goldendoodle female who we are expecting to be 20 pounds fully grown. She lives with her Guardian family in Kingston, Ontario. The has won their hearts. She trained incrediably easy and loves to help when emptying the dishwasher. She will be our future momma to our petite Goldendoodle lines. Her sister Lucy is in our program as well.

Lucy F1b Goldendoodle 

Lucy is sister to Millie. They are both the off spring of Charli and George who I paired for health and personality traits. Lucy lives in Belleville, Ontario with her Guardian family. She is extremely playful, cuddly and loves human attention. Lucy should reach just under 30 pounds fully grown and will be producing our mini and medium Goldendoodle lines. 

Iris River F1 Irishdoodle

Meet our Irishdoodle River. She is a stunning deep red with beautiful brown nose. River lives with her Guardian family in Kingston, Ontario and enjoys her summers on Wolf Island where she loves the water. River is highly intelligent and affectionate. We will be having our first litter of Irishdoodle in 2024.

Our handsome boys 

To view some of the sires to our litters please click the link below. 

Doodle and Poodle Studs



Happily Retired!

F1b Goldendoodle – Retired

Frankie is such a cuddly dog and full of personality. She loves the water and often we find her swimming in our pool! She loves kids of all ages and other dogs. Frankie was easy to train and her puppies have been just like her, in that regard. Frankie has had two wonderful litters of puppies with great health and temperaments. She is living her best retirement life in the Oak Hills, Stirling.

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