The Nursery ~ Friendly and Loyal Doodles

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All our puppies are raised to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our daily program that focuses on desensitization and socialization.

We work on crate introduction, pad training, and have just announced our partnership with K9 Will. Will’s passion shows in the way he works with dogs. It is truly an art form to watch him at work. Will will imprint “sit” “stay” “come” “heel” with each puppy prior to joining their new families and will be introducing them to harnesses and collars.

Of course all of our puppies come with their 1st set of vaccinations, deworming, pad trained, large puppy care package, lifetime breeder support, warranty, 1 month puppy insurance, Beyond Training with K9 Will and the heart and soul we have put into each one of them.

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Charli and Leo – Mini Goldendoodles – Waiting list full

Expected March/April 2024

We are thrilled to be announcing this pairing of Charli and Leo. Charli is our First Generation 48 pound Goldendoodle. She lives with her Guardian Family that just adore her. She is incredibly smart, loyal and affectionate. Her favourite thing to do, aside from snuggling onto your lap, is to play “fetch”. This lady will retrieve all day.

Leo is our Multigenerational Miniature Goldendoodle who lives in Kingston with his Guardian Family. They adore him. He trained well and is the definition of happy. He is a people pleaser, smart, confident and full of love.

Their offspring will be an amazing addition to any family.

Colouring: Red’s, Red and white, Black, Black and White, Brown, Brown and White

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  3. The Perrone Family
  4. Hanrahan Family
  5. Hanrahan Family
  6. Sparks Family
  7. McAleer Family


Harper and Leo – Golden Mountain Doodles

The little ones are going to be stunning. I am expecting red’s, brown’s, blacks with merle, sable and phantom expressions. Harper and Leo have the best personalities, so we are expecting nothing but little gems from this pairing. Golden Mountain Doodles are the cross between a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle. The blend takes the well known excitable Goldendoodle and blends that trait with the laid back personality of the Bernedoodle. We are thrilled for this pairing. Their puppies will be 20-25 pounds fully grown.

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  3. Sparks Family
  4. Rhodes Family
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Maple and Bruno – F1b Mini Bernedoodles

Super exciting! Our first Bernedoodle with Maple and Bruno.

30-45 pounds

Expecting: Black and brown traditional tri-colours and phantoms

Now accepting reservations!



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ON the ground now

Maggie & Paddington ~  Born Dec 22nd, 2023


Maggie and Paddington are the sweetest. Maggie lives with her family in Napanee, Ontario. She is a loving, playful and confident little lady. Paddington is a sweet little guy who melts the hearts of all that meet him.  They are a litter of Petite Goldendoodle Puppies around Dec 22nd 2023. We are predicting weights of 15-20 pounds with non-shedding and hypoallergenic traits.

Please click on individual pictures below for a better view.

Colouring: Red to Cream with and without white markings

1. Breeder (2)

2. The Conway Family

3. The Wright Family

4. Denstedt Family

5. Alexe’s BFF

6. The Kulkarni Family





Breeding healthy puppies is our top priority! All females and males in our program follow the standard OFA requirements for all breeds. This means that our dogs are tested for hips, elbow, knees, heart, and eyes as recommended by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals.









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