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My family and I share the same love of dogs and after doing a lot of research and taking many, many course, we decided we wanted to offer to families puppies that are confident, well socialized, and well adjusted. This is when we decided to open Doodle Dog Farms (DDF).

At Doodle Dog Farms we raise our puppies with an advanced program that focuses on providing them with as many stimulating experiences as possible.  In canine behaviour, there are very few areas as important, and that will have the greatest influences in a puppy’s overall personality/behaviours as the early developmental stages; 0-16 weeks.

ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) is performed from 3 days old on each puppy daily. This is a rapid time for their neurological growth and development. We believe that by introducing different scents, noises, motions, and touches early on, in a secure and positive environment, with help a puppy’s ability to, successfully, learn and cope with potential stresses as they grow. We have recently taken part in the Badass Breeder program, which was designed by Janette Forrey. It was written to educate and take the “bad” out of breeding.

A day in our nursery consists of:

*Morning weight checks

*Holding each puppy in different positions (5 different positions)

*Introducing them to the scent of the day (grass)

*Q-tips Stimulation (each toe to get them used to having their nails clipped),

*Playing a sound of the day (thunderstorms) treats are given to encourage a positive association


All of our breeding dogs are health tested and have to pass our personality standards prior to breeding. It is critical to us that each of our dogs are not only healthy (ensuring that they do not pass any health issues to our puppies), but equally that we are breeding to dogs that have to  best personality traits which are being passed onto our puppies.

Although, we still do allow our puppy parents to have a choice in which puppy they would prefer,  we puppy profile our little ones to ensure they are placed in the right family homes, to avoid any emotional re-homing scenarios. In being ethical breeders and taking full responsibility for the lives of our puppies our contract does state that, if for any reason you cannot care for your puppy they are to be returned to us.

It is our mission to raise confident, healthy, well balanced puppies. We are constantly looking for new methods to enrich our program.

We currently breed Mini/Medium/Standard Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles and Irishdoodles.

Thank you for coming to our website. If there is anything questions you have please feel free to reach out to us.


Doodle Dog Farms