For the love of dogs…

OUR Sweet Females


Charli F1 Goldendoodle

Charli is an absolute doll. She is super intelligent, easy to train and she has a gentle personality. We are thrilled to have Charli in our program. This sweet girl will play fetch all day long. She is the best at bring the ball back to you and does a happy dance on the way back. No need to ask her to “drop it” as she does this by routine each time. Charli is always there for affection and thinks she is a lap dog. She will be a wonderful Mamma and has some amazing traits to pass to her future little ones.

  • Pennhip: right 0.36 left 0.40
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Elbow: Pending
  • OFA Eyes: right/left Normal
  • DNA Clear

Freya Sky F1bb Goldendoodle

Freya-Sky is one of the kindest little ones. She is always snuggled in beside you and looks at you with the sweetest eyes. Her calm personality as a puppy made her perfect addition to our program. Freya trained well and loves everyone she meets. It has been a pleasure watching her grow and we love when she comes for her visits. She is a puppy from Frankie’s first litter and has won the hearts of all.

  • OFA Hips: Excellent
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • OFA Elbow: Normal
  • OFA Eyes: Pending
  • DNA Clear


Maggie F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Meet Miss Maggie. Look at that sweet face! Those big eyes are heart melting. Maggie is a little gem who loves affection and is always happy to please. Maggie lives with a wonderful guardian family where she gets all kinds of love and gets dressed in the best outfits. Maggie will be the mamma to our first little of Mini Goldendoodles. We are thrilled and cannot want to see the beautiful mini’s she will have.

Pennhip: right 0.43 left 0.34
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Elbow: Negative for elbow dysplasia

OFA Patella: Normal
OFA Eyes: right/left Normal


OUR Handsome Males

Our sweet George

George is our Miniature Poodle born June 2022. He has the best personaitly. George is fearless and is very silly. He won over our hearts the second we met him. I can see why they say poodles are smart.

We are in the process of doing his testing and are hopeful to be able to add him to our program. Expected adult weight is 13-14 pounds.

OFA/Pennhip: Pending



Our newest addition is a stunning chocolate abstract mini goldendoodle. We cannot wait for him to join our program. He will produce the best wavy goldendoodle puppies. Is adult weight is predicted to be 18-20 pounds. He will carry for parti/chocolate/phantom.

OFA/Pennhip: Pending


Kevin Multigenerational Goldendoodle

Kevin is the best little guy. He is ALWAYS happy and makes us laugh. If you need to brighten your day all you need to do is look at this sweet boy. We are thrilled to have added Kevin to our program and cannot wait to see all the wonderful puppies he will sire.  He has a calm demeanour, was beyond wonderful to train, an all around great boy. This is the personality you want to pass on to future litters. He is now full grown at 25 pounds.




Happily Retired!

F1b Goldendoodle – Retired

Frankie is such a cuddly dog and full of personality. She loves the water and often we find her swimming in our pool! She loves kids of all ages and other dogs. Frankie was easy to train and her puppies have been just like her, in that regard. Frankie has had two wonderful litters of puppies and will be expect her last litter of mini/medium sized Goldendoodles this August. She has been a joy to breed and we will miss her wonderful puppies.

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